Ik ben er blij en voel me vereerd dat de bekende amerikaanse kunstenaarLesley Harrisson, mij als guest artist heeft opgenomen in haar blog. Ze heeft hiervoor het portret van Zydeco gekozen.

Hieronder volgen wat reacties:

Eline is our newest Guest Artist and, as you can see, her work is very beautiful! We’ve added her link to our Blog Roll so that you can see more of her images. Image: “Main Coon Groen” - Painting by Eline van Waardenburg

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10 Responses to “Guest Artist - Eline van Waardenburg”

  1. Mary Says:

    Beautiful, Eline….I love your use of color on this painting. You have learned a lot from Lesley’s book!

  2. Dóri Says:

    Almost like a photo! That silky fur, those eyes… Eline, congratulation!
    Thank you very much for let me see it!

    Best regards,


  3. Daisyree Says:

    Hi Eline!

    What a great surprise to see your work here! As always a stunning piece!

    Best wishes,

    the Netherlands

  4. Toni-Marie Says:

    Lovely painting of the cat.

    I am currently working on a commission of a deceased dog and I did the same as you..let the owner talk as much about her as she wanted and absorbed it all.

  5. Pat Nadarajah Says:

    Beautiful eyes!!! Love the silky texture of the fur too Eline!


  6. Lesley Harrison Says:


    It makes me smile when I look at it………and I always consider that the best sign in the world!

  7. Rita Ria Says:

    I am in love with the colors - it adds so much more interest.
    Great work!

  8. Shalese Sands Says:

    Lovely! I like how you added some of the colors of the coat into the background–I think it makes the image pop.

  9. Kaaren Poole Says:

    Eline, this is so wonderful! Of course the colors and rendering of the fur and eyes are very special, but what I like most about it is his/her pose looking slightly upwards and somewhat expectant. I also like the square format.

  10. Helen Says:

    Great job, and congratulations to do your dream full time :)
    I looked at your website. I especially liked Chiara(those eyes) Almost asleep
    (you should really do more wildlife) Layla(only cats can do that:)) Green eyes(again..those eyes) Keep up the god work. /Helen

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